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Samacheer Kalvi 12th Accountancy Balances A lot more Questions and you can Solutions un comentario

Samacheer Kalvi 12th Accountancy Balances A lot more Questions and you can Solutions

Total Amount = ? 4,40,000 Face value of shares is 10. Premium 10% = Premium amt Rs. 1. Issue Price = Face Value + Securities Premium 10 + 1 = 11 No. of Equity Shares = \(\frac<\text>><\text>>\) = \(\frac < 440000>< 11>\) = 40,000 Shares

Question dos. Money gotten ahead out of display proprietors before it is in fact called – right up from the director are (a) debited so you can calls – from inside the – progress A beneficial/c (b) Cr to Phone calls – in the – advance A beneficial/c (c) Dr to help you phone calls A great/c (d) nothing of the a lot more than Answer: (b) Cr to help you Phone calls – into the – advance A beneficial/c

Question step three. Ties Advanced Set aside are used for ……………… (a) Repaying interest towards the debentures (b) fulfilling the price of problem of shares (c) Using tax responsibility (d) Paying dividend since the shares Respond to: (b) meeting the price of dilemma of shares

Concern 4. Whenever display are allowed which of your own after the account is paid? (a) Share financial support A great/c (b) Show Allowance A beneficial/c (c) Express Software Air-conditioning (d) Investors Ac Address: (a) Share financial support Air-conditioning

Question 5. Proper issue of offers was approved so you’re able to ……………… (a) Directors (b) Group (c) Present Shareholders (d) Shareholder A beneficial/c Respond to: (c) Existing Investors

Question 7. In the what price a friends is required to spend focus on the phone calls – from inside the – arrears? (a) 6% p.a. (b) 12% p.a great. (c) 10% effective. (d) 5% p.good. Answer: (b) 12% p.good.

Question 8. Depending escort reviews Newport News VA on the Businesses Act 2000, a friends restricted to share can also be issue ……………… categories of offers. (a) step one (b) dos (c) 3 Respond to: (b) 2

Matter nine. The utmost quantity of phone calls you to definitely a friends produces are ……………… (a) you to (b) one or two (c) about three Answer: (c) about three

Question 10. Capital Set-aside are revealed privately regarding harmony sheet sets ……………… (a) Assets (b) Liability (c) Each other Answer: (b) Accountability

Question fifteen. A buddies can also procedure offers while the idea to own company, so you’re able to ……………… because of their attributes ……………… because of their payment. Answer: Promotors, Agents

Question 16. (i) Assertion: When a shareholder defaults in making percentage from allowance/call currency display is generally forfeited. (ii) Reason: Display sacrificed will be reissued during the par, dismiss, or advanced. (a) (i) and you can (ii) try proper (b) (i) is right (ii) was completely wrong (c) (i) and you may (iii) is actually wrong (d) (i) try wrong (ii) is right Address: (a) (i) and you may (ii) are right

Guarantee show financing is returned on condition that preference offers are came back

  1. Authorised show financial support.
  2. Granted share resource.
  3. Subscribed share funding.
  4. Called – up – show funding.
  5. Paid-right up – express money and you may.
  6. Set-aside money.

Concern dos. What is actually meant because of the Authorised Financial support? Answer: This is basically the count made in the administrative centre condition of your memorandum out-of association in which the business try registered. It’s the limit matter a family can boost from inside the lifetime.

Matter 3. Precisely what do your suggest from the Capital Set aside? Answer: It’s you to reserve which is written off funding profits such as for instance finances discounted away from repaired assets, cash to your revaluation of property, advanced into the issue of offers and debentures, an such like.

At the just what price a friends is required to alter appeal towards the calls – from inside the – arrears?

Matter cuatro. What’s intended because of the Professional-rata Allocation regarding offers? Answer: Pro-rata allowance is that allotment from offers whenever apps can be allocated from inside the smaller number of shares than just they have removed.

Concern 5. Define Equity offers. Answer: Security shares are those shares that aren’t eligible to a beneficial repaired rate from bonus. The newest bonus is paid down during these offers once it is paid back for the preference offers.

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