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Charlie Brown and you can Lucy provides a difficult time providing with each other

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Charlie Brown and you can Lucy provides a difficult time providing with each other

Lucy usually bullies Charlie Brown for no reason whatsoever; as a result, Charlie Brownish will makes comebacks. Although not, the 2 remain friends, and certainly will get along.

Charlie Brown’s opinion off Lucy

Charlie Brown features a significant advice out of Lucy, just like the she is usually performing suggest what to Linus, or dropping travel golf balls. The guy together with hates just how she usually calls him labels, for example «blockhead», «wishy-washy» or other things such as you to definitely. He as well as hates brand new football gag she pulls with the your all the 12 months. She actually performs so it secret to the your during the Homecoming video game in This is your Basic Kiss, Charlie Brownish, which leads to Charlie Brown’s teammates unfairly blaming your to own costing her or him the overall game, even though Lucy is at blame.

In early times of the fresh new strip, regardless if Charlie Brown got a pretty greatest connection with the woman than just the guy performed about after weeks, he commonly became frustrated by the lady «fussbudget» identification, and you may became ever more annoyed whenever she grabbed you to since a beneficial suit.

But not, no matter if Charlie Brown does not eg twoo ne demek Lucy’s mean and you may crabby character, he still cares on her behalf and trusts this lady. In the early days, Charlie Brown create comprehend stories to Lucy, and you will try to be an adult profile so you’re able to this lady. Charlie Brownish obviously trusts Lucy, because, though she always draws aside this new sporting events whenever pulling this lady famous prank for the him, Charlie Brownish nevertheless trusts this lady sufficient to are once again the next season, if she will perhaps not remove they away the period. He together with trusts her enough to give this lady his trouble whenever she’s in her psychiatry booth.

Lucy’s viewpoint out of Charlie Brownish

Lucy have a tendency to mocks Charlie Brownish, and you can abuses your, contacting your different insults, such «dumb» and you will «weak», even if each one of these insults try not the case and you may wrong. Lucy is usually struggling to comprehend she actually is damaging Charlie Brown while it’s totally obvious (an example ‘s the significantly more than strip). Both she in addition to teases your purposely. Although this lady punishment away from him is usually spoken, she really does often play with real discipline, particularly together infamous sports gag. Lucy delivers imply opinions with the most useful out-of convenience, usually exhibiting zero emotion anyway, then moving forward having any type of she are doing. When Charlie Brown fails within some thing, Lucy is quick to suggest it, due to the fact depicted by a series of strips of January and you may ed Charlie Brownish) in which she throws with her a slide demonstration of the many of Charlie Brown’s defects, and you will then demands which he spend the girl an amount of $143 on her characteristics.

When you look at the strips regarding early days from Nuts, not, Lucy are shown to features a simple smash toward Charlie Brown. And also later in the strip’s work on she brings suggestions in order to wedding with Charlie Brownish. Such as, regarding the strip of October 5, 1957, Lucy states so you can Charlie Brownish you to she could possibly get later on function as mom from his children, as well as in the only away from June 8, 1960, she mentions to help you Charlie Brown when the guy were to end up being the fresh new Chairman of your You, she would make an excellent Earliest Female.

Lucy suggests legitimate concern having Charlie Brown’s health inside a series from pieces from July 1979 where in fact the child visits health. On the strip out of July 19, 1979, she even cries along side amount facing Schroeder, which finds you to uncommon because Lucy was managing Charlie Brown poorly for a long time. Regarding the remove off July twenty-seven, 1979, she also promises to help Charlie Brown stop the fresh activities and you may maybe not remove they off him in the event the he recovers.

In the old age of remove, although not, Lucy comes with shown to smoothen down around Charlie Brownish. Such as for example, both sporadically discuss life during the brick wall.

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